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No international migraine!
The Country Terrorism Report published by The US seems more led by an Ulterior Agenda, as the report ignores the wolves and castigates the sheep when it comes to deciding who sponsors terrorism and who doesn’t
Issue Date - 15/09/2011
Dalai Lama once aptly said, “Today, more than ever before, life must be characterized by a sense of universal responsibility, not only nation to nation and human to human, but also human to other forms of life.” As an anti-thesis to his terminologies on universalism, the Country Reports on Terrorism 2010 published by the US Department of State on August 18 lacks credibility, uniformity and above all a sense of universal responsibility.

In the latest report, al-Qaeda (AQ) has been identified as “the preeminent terrorist threat to the US in 2010.” The report has completely overlooked the fact that today, AQ is on the verge of collapse after Osama’s death and various other terrorist groups such as al-Shabab in Somalia (an attack by them on August 23, 2010 killed over 300) and Pakistan’s domestic Taliban have become more dangerous over time.

But the current report also makes many faux pas with respect to so-called factualities. Cuba, Iran, Syria and Sudan have been named “state sponsors” of terrorism activities. On one hand, the report says that “there was no evidence that it (Cuba) had severed ties with elements from Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC)”; but on the other, it acknowledges that “the Cuban government maintained limited contact with FARC members, but there was no evidence of direct financial or ongoing material support”. Strangely, while terming Cuba as a “state sponsor” of terror, the US continues to refuse to handover Luis Posada Carriles (referred as “one of the most dangerous terrorists in recent history” by Peter Kornbluh of the National Security Archive) to Cuba. Posada has been convicted of a series of bombings and an assassination attempt on Fidel Castro in Panama.

But the most hilarious part is that the report ignores Pakistan in this “state-sponsored terrorism” group. While Pakistan has refused to hand over the 26/11 Mumbai terror attack suspects to India despite being provided with enough evidence against Hafiz Saeed (leader of Jama’at-ud-Da’wah), many US government representatives have many a time acknowledged and accepted that Pakistan as a nation has sponsored terrorism for long. But the report presumably doesn’t accept that premise.

As per the report, 75% (of total 11,500 attacks & 13,200 deaths) of terrorism attacks and deaths occurred in South Asia. But irrespective of that, no South Asian nation has been accused of being a “state sponsor” of terror or has been reported for not coordinating in counter-terrorism activities.

Cuba as a nation has a relatively “unblemished” record for fighting terrorism – few globally would debate that. Similarly, Sudan has worked as a cooperative partner in global counterterrorism efforts against al-Qaeda in 2010 but still appears on the list. The Venezuelan government officially “rejected” the report describing it as “plagued with false affirmations, political preconceptions, and veiled threats.” Its Foreign Ministry states that “the US State Department tends to classify as ‘terrorists’ or ‘complacent with terrorism’ those governments and political organizations that do not bow down in the face of its imperial intentions.”

Looking at the fine print in the report, that allegation does not appear to be too far off the mark.


Amir Hossain & Mrinmoy Dey           

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