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Letters to The Editor

Issue Date - 15/09/2011
Excellent and precise
Business & Economy is a magazine, which has maintained its standard regarding the stories and analysis. It is definitely a world class magazine, which has surpassed all other finance and business magazines available. It is a magazine that targets people who don’t go much by jargons. It takes the news, the events to the readers and speaks to them in the language they understand. It has so many highlights, one being that its columns contain great knowledge, which provide perspectives from learned individuals around the world. It not only gives its readers an understanding of how companies operate, but it also informs about what the top executives of different firms have done to reach where they are today. I think it is a valuable takeaway for most of the readers. I must mention that the revelation that came with the brilliant cover story on Air India and Kingfisher was nothing less than mind boggling. Clearly, there is a need for the Indian aviation industry to be more lucid. On top of that, the comprehensive and informative graphs/charts made the cover package very engrossing. I think your team always does a great job. Many industrialists think that the stories are all like case studies. And the way you put the story across, brings forth the amount of detailing the team gets into. Excellent and precise are the words to express your design, presentation and overall content of the magazine.

Satkam Divya Business Head,

Focus on the barriers to fdi
Having read your excellent national story concerning FDI in India (Issue dated August 4, 2011), I am struck by the need to emphasise on the absolutely critical nature of FDI in Indian infrastructure. Infrastructure, particularly in transportation and power, is the ‘Achilles heel’ of the Indian economic growth story. Many observers put adequate infrastructure as a factor that would itself add 1-1.5% to Indian GDP growth per year. In these days of lessened economic forecasts, this amount is the difference between India moving forward to lift millions out of poverty and sliding back into the doldrums. With the rupee equivalent of some $1.5 trillion needed to reach the goal of adequate infrastructure, FDI in this sector is crucial. The Indian government and domestic private sector cannot on their own mobilise sufficient capital for the task of infrastructure development. I suggest that it would benefit your readers to concentrate further on the barriers to mobilising FDI for Indian infrastructure development.

Raymond E. Vickery, Jr. Senior Directors and Advisors, Albright Stonebridge Group


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