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Ian Bremmer
This is Europe’s new reality, not a momentary lapse in good order ...Read More...
Dr. Isher Ahluwalia
“Formal sector
rules must be simplified”...
Jaswant Singh
Pakistan turned
out to be everything
that Jinnah had not foreseen ...

Is Subhash Chandra finally passing on the sceptre?

It’s strange that someone who’s worth $2.5 billion has “poverty” on his mind; Subhash Chandra does! And it’s a tale that even you would have never ever heard before, or at best, would have discarded, as just another dig from the grapevine. As a young lad, Subhash Chandra wanted ... Read More...

Business and Economy - 15 April 2010
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Scrutiny Panache
Scrutiny United ‘Negro’ College Fund!

"The recession has been hard on them, and they will be encouraged that the first African American President of the US is investing in their education and their future," was the reaction ...Read More...
PanacheTuning into tunis

Situated on a large Mediterranean Sea Gulf, known also as the Gulf of Tunis, this city extends along the coastal plains surrounded by hills... The city of Tunis is also home to cosmopolitan cafés ...Read More...
SectorSweeter away from sugar

With hoards of political and economic lobbies attributing the sugar price debacle to a nefarious nexus between politicians, sugar producers and big MNCs, the barrage of criticism accused food & beverage companies ... Read More...
PoliticsThe minority measure mystery

The issue of reservation for minorities, especially Muslims, has created an uproar after the recent observation of the Supreme Court on Muslim reservation in Andhra Pradesh....Read More...
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  Editorial - 15/04/2010
Sutanu GuruCan Law & Legislation Cure Social Evils?

Typically succumbing to hype and hyperbole, the media decreed that it was a “historic” verdict. I am talking about the death sentence given to five people in Haryana accused of brutally murdering a young girl and her husband for defying ‘tradition’ as decreed by caste chieftains. The man who organised the “khap”
...
  BE Corporation - VEDANTA
BE CorporationWhose mine is it anyway?

IOn a back-breaking and stomach churning ride in our SUV from Rayagada to Lanjigarh, Orissa, which is where Niyamgiri hills are located, I could not but help remember the Father of our Nation, who had once remarked, “India lives in her villages.” My driver was no less than a quasi-iconoclastic Schumacher; mouthing unparliamentary sweet nothings at the quality of the roads
...
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