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A Budget for Rahul Gandhi

The future of the inheritor, and more importantly, of India depends on fighting corruption. Here is how Pranabda can use the Budget to tame the monster..... Read More...

Business and Economy -  15 March 2012
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ScrutinyThe ‘Lower’ house!

The Parliament, in any democracy, is the very essence of the latent principles and policies of a nation. It not only represents the stature of its political system but is also a condensed reflection ....Read More...
Politics	“We do not have to tolerate corruption”

Bihar has registered tremendous growth over the past few years and you promise that the story will only continue further. But on the industrialisation front, it needs investments..... Read More...
StratagemIs the iOS 5.0 burning Apple’s reputation?

“The OS 5 ‘upgrade’ certainly turned my iPad 2 into a piece of crap. If Steve were alive, this would have been fixed a long time ago.” “My iPad’s nearly useless now; this is a giant step backwards with iOS 5...... Read More...
TestimonialExceptional analysis

Business & Economy is a fairly comprehensive magazine, which captures quite adequately the major contemporary issues with exceptional analysis. By getting in experts to present their views .....Read More...
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  Editorial - 15/03/2012
Sutanu Guru
The softest state in the World

Two recent incidents involving two European countries illustrate how India handles the World and how the World at large perceives India. Some time back, two soldiers of the Italian armed forces opened fire on an unarmed fishing boat off the coast of Kerala, killing two fishermen......Read More...
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