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Issue 12/11/2009
Noam Chomsky
Saddam might be dead, but beware of his ghosts... Read More...
Radhika Gupta
Follow the ‘stars’, just as soon as you find them!...Read More...
Thomas L. Friedman
Well, a Nobel Prize for all US peacekeepers:-) ... Read More...

why do they Dislike india?

We all know that the Chinese have an interesting proverb used as a subtle and sarcastic barb against foes: “May you live in interesting times”. Now just imagine for a while that Winston Churchill - the man who wanted India forever to be the crown jewel of the British Empire -... Read More...

Business and Economy - 12 November 2009
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Scrutiny Panache
ScrutinyBirth rights of sperms & eggs

Of course, all this is not happening for the first time. Since time immemorial, a woman’s body has been the theoretical and unembellished territory for. ... Read More...
PanacheDublin up on the fun!!

It’s often said that if one has to make a historical film, Dublin would be the perfect location.A place which inspired prominent literary figures like George Bernard Shaw, ...Read More...
FinanceSame family, same fate?

There’s an old nursery rhyme – the wise man built his house upon a rock, while the foolish man built his house upon sand... Read More...
PolicyThe future of india?

What is more painful than the disasters that destroy everything is the lack of proper management to handle the aftermath...Read More...
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  Editorial - 12/11/2009

arindam chaudhur
The desirability of living forever
Four weeks back, I read this most amazing article in The Times Of India’s international news page... Read More...

The dangerous designs of the Chinese will come true if India doesn’t start acting in a committed manner immediately
I’ve always been an admirer of China. I have also been an admirer of Mao Tse Tung – despite the scandalous (true or untrue) details... Read More...

Sutanu Guru
How India Inc. Can Decimate the Maoists

Images play a powerful role in creating and nurturing perceptions. This is what I thought while watching television footage of the ‘hijacking’ of the Rajdhani Express by Maoists barely 150 kilometers away from the crumbling Red Citadel called Kolkata. ...
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