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Letters to The Editor

Issue Date - 12/05/2011
B&E has a really interesting mix of articles on the Indian and global business environment. There are a lot of interesting learnings across industries that the magazine brings to light. I particularly liked the story on FTAs and why India’s rapid signing of such agreements is not as much a matter of cheer as it is made out to be. There are deep flaws in the competitiveness of Indian players and their readiness for global markets, and the government’s tardiness isn’t helping matters. You must do an in depth story on how competitive India is in export market and not just benchmarking with China. I am sure the lessons will help Indian companies get better direction.

Bobby Malhotra CEO, Rep. Office, Max Trade, Guangzhou, China

Bold & honest
I have been following Business & Economy and have really liked the content and packaging of the stories. I particularly enjoy its bold and honest approach to selecting headlines. I think that the issues that you tap are very intellectual and have an analytical bent. I especially liked the issue on “Indian pharma selling out to foreign buyers”. I am happy that you people thought of such an innovative and thought provoking issue which although existed almost as a paradox. I wish your magazine best of luck and hope you people continue with such amazing work.

Sachin Kashyap Consultant to the Board, RBS


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