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Letters to The Editor

Issue Date - 12/05/2011
This is with reference to the cover story titled The dark side of PE in Indian real estate dated April 28, 2011. First things first, I am truly impressed by the concept which despite staring us in the face has generally been kept off the radar. Private equity investments have always been a matter of debate. Although the number of participants in the whole gamble is restricted to a limited few, it does lead to a bubble by inflating prices. In case of Indian real estate, the situation is even worse off. With no standard policy in place with respect to parking the funds, we might soon see a day when real estate prices will come tumbling down. The magazine is doing a commendable job as far as ideation is concerned. Most of the stories might not be based on current news and events, but an element of though leadership can be seen across the editorial board.

Charles King Principal Analyst,Mindspring IT Consulting

World class
Business & Economy is a world class magazine which has always maintained a standard regarding the content and its presentation surpassing all other business magazines in the process. The magazine holistically covers subjects spanning Business, Finance & Market. The stories and articles are supported by good research work and analysis. B&E team has a good understanding about various sectors & affairs pertaining to business transactions. The concept driven cover story forms the backbone of the editorial ecosystem. I truly look forward to continue reading this global magazine with more captivating & brilliant stories.

Jim Rogers Chairman, Rogers Holdings & Beeland Interests


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