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Is The World now Ready for The Indian Style of Management?

What should you then call the Indian style of management? And even before that, why should one even accept the hypothesis that the simple ascendance of individuals with a heavy Indian lineage to global positions is the finalistic evidence that the Indian ..... Read More...

Business and Economy -  12 May 2011
The B-School Panel Meet 2010
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ScrutinyClear The Waterways first, Can You?

“Unfortunately, ‘long term’ is a set of words that people use in a lot of instances, but rarely do they understand their relevance or importance. Unfortunately, as far as caring for environment ....Read More...
PolicyOf all The Issues in Power Generation

With effect from June 2, 2003, India adopted a new legislation called the National Electricity Act, 2003 (NEA), which replaced some archaic laws on electricity operations in the country. Among various ...Read More...
SectorWill The Legend live on?

September 24, 1984: Despite his undisputed success as President of Paramount Pictures, Michael Eisner woke up feeling nervous. Monday morning blues were rare for a man of Eisner’s .... Read More...

This is with reference to the cover story titled The dark side of PE in Indian real estate dated April 28, 2011. First things first, I am truly impressed by the concept which despite staring us ....Read More...
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  Editorial - 12/05/2011
Sutanu Guru
What Consumer Protection?

You really have to forgive me my cynicism, but as I see the euphoria over the Jan Lokpal Bill begin to wane, I just can't help recollect that old truism – the more things change, the more they remain the same....Read More...
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Prof. Arindam Chaudhuri

It is The Electronic Media that India must Thank for The Success of The Anna Movement. And yes, it sure was Democratic

A seventy-three year old unassuming man by the name of Kisan Bapat Baburao Hazare is again set to give sleepless nights to the Government of India. More popularly known as Anna Hazare ... Read More...

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