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Issue 11/06/2009
Maureen Dowd
Hiya Barack! Welcome back to the Bush years!!!
G. Pascal Zachary
Dear Mr. Universe,
it’s time to save California!
Rakesh Mani
& Zehra Ahmed
The greatest paradox about Pakistan - itself!

Will Mukesh Have the Last laugh in 2010?

We are currently in the 15th year of operations and celebrating 100 million subscribers. Airtel has managed to be profitable but we are still to be cash flow positive. Only a few weeks back, we announced the maiden dividend of this company after 15 years. People were actually looking at waiting for one more year ... Read More...

Business and Economy - 11 June 2009
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Scrutiny Panache
ScrutinyUnpolitically incorrect, Sir!

First, a Big Moose question. Who defeated the LTTE? Answer: The LTTE did! Even before the Sri Lankan Army!! Lest you start blaming the Big Moose thought process... Read More...
PanacheUnder the Bonnie Blue Bahama Sky

Think 700 islands and 2400 cays in an endless expanse of blue…An adventurer’s paradise of pristine waters and pink sand beaches is breathtaking for sure but that’s not all ...Read More...
PoliticsNo more tiger trails?

Finally, the Sri Lankan security forces have managed to corner the Tiger in his own lair. When Colombo announced that over 350 bodies of LTTE combatants including the.. Read More...
PolicySeeing red? Now go green!

“Yes, we can!” That’s what the head honchos of US automakers seemed to be echoing with President Obama at the White House, when the new fuel efficiency and Green House Gases...Read More...
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  Editorial - 11/06/2009

Sutanu Guru

You have again written off a loser

One of the biggest shortcomings of hacks like me is the unwavering ability and willingness to jump to conclusions and mistake hindsight for foresight! Something similar can be seen in abundance in newspapers, television channels, news portals and magazines across India. As Rahul Gandhi is hailed..
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