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Issue 10/12/2009
Thomas L. Friedman
You might have the best dream machine to...
Michael Meyere
The night when the powerless found their voice...
Michael Meyere
A ‘botch’ that history very well deserved ...

India’s Most Authoritative B-School Survey

The man has so many awards and accolades that a few more might be akin to water off the back of a duck. He has created and broken so many records that some new ones might just be par for the course. Newspapers, TV channels, portals, websites and radio stations have often elevated him to a status of a demigod.... Read More...

Business and Economy - 10 December 2009
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Scrutiny Panache
Scrutiny Yes, we can’t (duh)

“State of Fear”. That is the name of a book where the late Michael Crichton talks about eco-terrorists who are attempting to create a ‘state of fear’ to press ... Read More...
PanacheLet the party begin...

With a rugged landscape, historical windmills, Cycladic architecture, powder-soft beaches and crystal clear waters – Mykonos is a picture of pure bliss tucked ...Read More...
FinanceStill beating the dead horse, Bo?
One word which aptly describes November 4, 2008, is ‘historic’, and rightly so.It was the audacity of hope that saw a Black family taking up the ‘first’ mantle ... Read More...
PolicyIt takes ‘3’ to make a ‘Com’eback!

Move over Microsoft & Google. Move over Intel & AMD (especially after the truce they just announced). ...Read More...
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  Editorial - 10/12/2009

Sutanu Guru
So Indians now dislike President Obama!

Many months ago, in mid March to be precise, when Indians were swooning over the rock star Barack Obama, I wrote an edit for this magazine with a headline: Why Indians Will Hate Obama. As Manmohan Singh comes back virtually empty handed from his state visit to Washington,
...
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