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In Focus

Moving towards ĎMobile 2.0í

Issue Date - 10/11/2011
B&E: With the latest initiative of brand integration under Tata DoCoMo, what is it that you want to achieve?

Deepak Gulati (DG): The world of telecom is changing from pure voice to a lot of data, which includes browsing and e-mailing, applications, content and solutions for customers to do things beyond simple telephony. Tata DoCoMo is strategically moving towards ĎMobile 2.0í. Secondly, the move will ensure the upgradation of Tata Indicom to Tata DoCoMo. Itís a logical thing to put your every offering under one brand. Spreading your media spends or confusing customers with multiple brands from the same organisation, doesnít really make sense. Tata Indicom customer will get all the benefits like per second tariff plans, et al. But itís not about pricing, itís how we treat our customers. And it is the customer feedback that we look forward to.

B&E: Any change in organisational structure and job cuts due to the new restructuring?
DG: Our stores have become larger, all of them now being Tata DoCoMo stores, offering the entire set of services that we have across all platforms. As of now we have multiple platforms which we can leverage beautifully under one brand. Brands have nothing to do with jobs, so no cutting on jobs. We are now integrating and unifying across all our 4-5 brands. We have also integrated the operations. Now, it is all in one website, one store, one customer care centre.

B&E: Will there be different verticals for CDMA and GSM customers?
DG: The verticals are based on consumer solutions. If it is home solutions, there will be a vertical to offer products based on needs and product construct, which can be on various platforms and not necessarily CDMA, GSM or 3G. The product what the customer needs is important. Everything is integrated.

B&E: You have recently lost almost 2.6 million customers in the month of June-July. What was the reason?
DG: We are in the cleaning mode ó shedding customers who donít use our services beyond 6 months. But we have some additions on the CDMA side. Currently, out of our 90.1 million subscribers 40-50% are of Tata Indicom (CDMA) network.

B&E: Tata Indicom (CDMA) is not doing well. Even the CDMA technology hasnít been received well in India. How far do you plan to carry it?
DG: This is not the way we look at it. CDMA for us is a great opportunity. Itís a great network, even though it had not been established well. That is why we are providing the brand support of Tata DoCoMo and the advertising strength and style and the communication connect that we have with the consumers. We believe that CDMA consumers will really feel satiated and happy with what they have. Plus, the acquisition drive will really go up; we have the alliances on devices with manufacturers like Samsung, Huawei, etc. More and more smart-picks which we had on 3G will happen on CDMA, and the ecosystem is available. It wasnít exploited well in the past. Obviously as an Organisation, you could not have spent too much money on multiple brands. Now with one brand, we will give lot of thrust to CDMA; we are expanding our network both on data and voice. New sites are being added everywhere, so a lot of CAPEX is going into CDMA, in addition to what we normally do for GSM and 3G.



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