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Are Indian Banks Ready for Crisis Part II?
At a time when the global economy is heading towards another financial crisis, perhaps even worse than the one that hit the world in 2008, Indian banks are grappling with issues like moderating credit growth, rising slippage ratio and mounting credit cost. can they weather the rising storm?
Indian banks, the dominant financial intermediaries in the country, have evolved dramatically over the last few years. And it is evident from several parameters, including credit growth, profit margin....Read More

Prices or Knowledge? What Drives Demand for Financial Services in Emerging Markets?
Professor Shawn Cole of Harvard business school and co-authors (Prof. Thomas Sampson of Harvard business school and Bilal zia of the world bank) write on the effect of financial literacy & moderate subsidies on the probability of opening a bank savings account in emerging, highly populated nations like India and Indonesia.
Why is there apparently limited demand for financial services in emerging markets? On the one hand, low-income individuals may not want formal services when informal savings, credit, and insurance mar....Read More

Bend It Like Bernanke: How Government Guarantees Shape Asset Prices
Professor Bryan T. Kelly of Booth School of Business and co-authors (Prof. Hanno Lustig of UCLA and Stijn Van Nieuwerburg of New York University) undertake a field research to understand how government intervention and economic outcomes offer new insights into the effect of bailouts on the value of the banking sector.
Europe is wrestling with structuring a bailout as its financial firms and broader economies teeter on a precipice. In America, markets look to Europe with unease while politicians bicker over whether....Read More

“New licenses will not help, it is consolidation that we need”
Romesh Sobti, MD & CEO, IndusInd Bank talks to Deepak Ranjan Patra on the performance and growth plans of IndusInd and shares his views on what the larger gameplan for the Indian banking sector should be
B&E: While a few of the Indian bank’s struggled to maintain their higher profits between 2009 and 2011, bottomline of IndusInd Bank surged by nearly 300%. What have been the biggest contributors to....Read More

“There is surely a huge opportunity in retail loan segment.”
In an exclusive conversation with B&E’s Mona Mehta, M. V. Nair, Chairman and Managing Director, Union Bank of India (UBI), talks about the expected growth of the bank in the coming year and the initiatives UBI is planning to take to make retail lending more consumers oriented.
B&E: Is Indian banking industry ready enough to handle the situation if the economic scenario depletes further and the world goes for a second recession?
M. V. Nair (MVN): In the gl....
Read More

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