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India's Most Authoritative B-School Survey

B-schools of today can ill afford to stick to age old theories and management practices. In this dynamic business world, they have to continuously imbibe the changing trends and embrace the emerging buzzwords like sustainability, ethics, environment and entrepreneurship ... Read More...

Business and Economy -  23 December 2010
The B-School Panel Meet 2010
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Scrutiny Overseas Talk
ScrutinyIndia Versus China!

According to a report by Morgan Stanley in 2004, India’s economic development at that time was 13 years behind China’s. Two years later, Bruce Einhorn, Bloomberg Businessweek‘s Regional Editor, Asia, updated that figure ....Read More...
Panache“We Perform Better When a Slowdown Occurs!”

While at Kronos, you have dealt with workforce related issues in the West. You have also interacted with Indian business leaders during various forums. And now that you have announced a multi-million dollar investment plan for the Indian market ...Read More...
SectorAnother Lethal Blow for The ‘Celtic Tiger’

Ireland was the fastest growing OECD economy (averaging GDP per capita growth of 5%) since the mid-1990s until the recession hit its shores in 2007. While other OECD nations .... Read More...
Hipshot...And Why MOIL Should Think Twice About its IPO!

Imagine yourself hundreds of meters below the ground level in a mine where explosions take place on a daily basis to break rock blocks, and tonnes of ore are extracted using ....Read More...
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  Editorial - 09/12/2010
Sutanu Guru
How 2G is India’s First Pro-Poor Scam

The chatterati and the pundits seem to be behaving as if the 2G scam marks the end of the Indian civilization. There is passionate agonizing over how the carpetbaggers of crony capitalism have looted more than Rs 1.7 lakh crore ... Read More...
  From Editor-in-Chief's Desk
Prof. Arindam Chaudhuri
It’s We Parents and Teachers Who Create Raggers Out of Our Children

I am sure that after reading the heading, everyone must be restless to know how? But have some patience. It’s a story I repeat often. And I must repeat it again today. As a child, I remember having considerable friends in school. I am sure everyone has. But my friends’ circle from the very beginning had a specialty ... Read More...
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