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Letters to The Editor

Issue Date - 09/06/2011
Exhaustive Information

I really liked the cover story on “India’s Biggest Wealth Creators” in B&E’s issue dated May 26, 2011. In fact, I was impressed by the way the story was presented, particularly the profiles of the companies that have increased their market capitalisation over the last one year. Further, the articles were comprehensive in nature supported by graphs and charts which made the cover story more appealing and interesting to readers. The cover story certainly had exhaustive information. I now look forward to read B&E more frequently as the magazine’s content is far better than most of its industry peers. It is clearly driven by analysis and thorough research. All in all, the magazine is an excellent collection of both national and international articles that are loaded with information. Lately, the supplements that have started coming with the magazine have been eye-catching too! Cheers for the consistent and continued good work!

Hardik Dhebar Group CFO, Delta Corp


I have had the pleasure of going through a couple of recent issues of Business and Economy. And I must say that I found it appealing and at par with other business magazines of repute. I am particularly impressed by the insightful international business stories written (surprisingly) by Indian journalists. Even the national stories and articles are supported by good research work and analysis. In fact, the article in the last issue of B&E on RBI’s continuing problems with its macro-economic projections was particularly on the mark. In a crowded field, B&E has certainly managed to make its presence felt as the magazine holistically covers subjects spanning Business, Politics & Finance. The magazine is well illustrated with graphs, which makes it much more informative and comprehensive. The overall look and feel of the magazine is also very good, and certainly makes for a compelling read. I wish your team all the good luck and hope that you keep coming out with such wonderful issues every time.

V. P. Nandakumar Executive Chairman, Manappuram General Finance and Leasing Ltd.


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