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Cover Story
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Research Methodology

Issue Date - 08/12/2011
Methodology - Top 30 B-Schools
First phase:

ICMR prepared an initial list of 275 B-schools in India that have been providing full-time management courses for at least the past three years and which were also the most-recalled amongst the student fraternity (sample size of 1800 students who are currently pursuing a management course, spread across five metros). This initial list comprised both private and government-affiliated institutions. Subsequently, ICMR conducted a perception survey amongst MBA aspirants, management students (currently pursuing their MBA) and executives from the corporate world. The survey was based on the parameters of awareness, recall, legacy and image & perception. A sample of 5000 respondents was thus covered in the study across Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Chennai, Chandigarh, Bhubaneswar, Pune, Hyderabad and Ahmedabad, using a structured questionnaire. Based on the frequency of responses, the final list of top 30 B-schools was shortlisted.

Second Phase:

The final ranking was based on the average of weighted scores per parameter (details below) given by the esteemed panel of experts. The respected panel of experts comprised V. Balakrishnan, CFO, Infosys Technologies; Sandeep Dhar, CEO, Tesco HSC; Dr. Alok Bharadwaj, Senior Vice President, Canon; Dr. Wilfried Aulbur, Former CEO, Mercedes Benz & presently Managing Partner, Roland Berger, India; Deepak Mowar, Vice President, Parsvnath Developers Ltd.; Harjeet Chhabra, Vice President-Marketing, SAB TV; Nripendra Chauhan, CMO, Specialty Group of Restaurants; Arvind Nandan, Executive Director, Cushman & Wakefield; Ashish Srivastava, Director - HR, Canara-HSBC Oriental Bank of Commerce Life Insurance Company; Dr. P. Nandagopal, CEO, India FirstLife Insurance; Sumeet Nair, Managing Director of Incube Fashion and founding member, Fashion Foundation of India; Pankaj Dubey, Country Head, Polaris India; Ketan Kulkarni, Head-Marketing, Corporate Communications & Sustainability, Blue Dart Express Limited; Shruti Bajpai, Country Head, South East Asia, HBO; Anisha Motwani, CMO, Max New York Life Insurance; B. Surendar, VP, National Sales, Red FM; Sunil Dutt, Erstwhile Head, PSG, Hewlett-Packard India; Eric Kuo, Managing Director, MSI India; Sudarshan Mazumdar, Former CMO, Fortis Healthcare; Jasrita Dhir, AGM-Marketing and Communication Max Healthcare; Kulbhushan Seth, Head-Sales and Marketing, Casio India; Shashank Srivastava, CGM - Marketing, Maruti Suzuki; Jitin Kumar, Marketing Head-Alcatel ICE3; Amita Maheshwari, Executive VP & Head-HR, Star TV India; Nipun Singhal, Group President, Lloyd Group; Danish Khan, VP & Head-Marketing, Sony Entertainment Television; Dr.TK Mandal, VP-HR, JK Paper; Pritpal Singh Kular, Director- Human Resources, Max Bupa & Brian Tempest, Former CEO, Ranbaxy.

Each panelist was provided with the write-ups (sent by the participating B-school) and detailed secondary data generated by ICMR for the 30 institutes based on the following parameters (mentioned along with respective weightages):
Quality & Volume of Course Contents 40%
Quality & Volume of Industry Interface 15%
Quality & Volume of Research & Writings 15%
Quality & Volume of Global Exposure 15%
Placement & Packages 15%
It is important to note the context of the weightages given to the parameters in question. We firmly believe that the most important factor for any B-school to be ranked has to be necessarily its course contents. This factor is what differentiates the world’s leading management institutions from the also-rans. No amount of teaching, interface & exposure is helpful unless the course structure is world class – and that is the reason why this factor has been given a 40% weightage by us, while all the other factors have been assigned a weightage of only 15% each.

We would also like to specify that the parameter of infrastructure has not been considered for the survey on top 30 B-schools due to two primary reasons. Firstly, above a threshold standard infrastructure level, providing many more acres of land, multiple computers per student, et al does not add any significant additional value to the education of the management student. Secondly, the thirty B-schools shortlisted have already qualified well above the threshold level of infrastructure that is required.

Information, material and various secondary study reports were provided to the panelists by ICMR researchers. At the same time, these study reports were supported by primary data and essays received directly by ICMR from the shortlisted institutes. The final scores provided by the panelists have been converted into relative ranks for each parameter, and overall as well, for the reader’s benefit.

Methodology - The next big league

B&E in association with ICMR conducted a separate perception survey on the upcoming/emerging B-schools in India. A comprehensive list of 80 upcoming B-schools was created based on this survey. The survey was conducted amongst faculty members and industry experts on a national and regional basis. A sample of 500 respondents across India was covered using a structured questionnaire. Emphasis was laid on the main factors/parameters that students take into consideration while selecting a particular B-school such as Infrastructure (it was considered important while ranking the upcoming B-schools since wide variations can be observed at times beyond the top 30), Course Content, Placements, Faculty and Industry interface. The B-schools have been ranked based on the above parameters. We are also providing a region-wise list of the top 5 B-schools in each of the parameters given above, because regional influences have also been deemed to be quite pervasive in the minds of students who are seeking admission in these B-schools.

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