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Cover Story
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B- School survey panel meet,2011

Issue Date - 08/12/2011

September 23, 2011, Saw Planman Media and Business & Economy magazine play host to eminent corporate personalities of India in a Panel Meet discussion, for Business & Economy magazine’s highly coveted annual feature – India’s Best B-Schools Special Issue 2011. The most unique element about the B&E B-school rankings is that the B-schools are ranked by renowned industry leaders. The final list of 30 B-schools, which is handed over to the panelists for their in­dividual ratings, is chosen from an initial list of 150 B-schools (the initial ratings are obtained from 5,000 respondents across the cities of Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, Hyderabad & Ahmedabad using a structured questionnaire). The round-table discussion revolved around parameters on which B-schools are judged, and how such rankings can be made more transparent. Professor Arindam Chaudhuri, Editor-In-Chief, Planman Media expressed his views on how “quality fac­ulty and good communication skills” are the two key elements to de­liver overall knowledge in B-schools. While the discussion triggered off with Nipun Singhal, Group President, Llyod Group, harping on “thinking out of the box”, a crucial part of the discussion was dedicated to entrepreneurship. B. Surendar, VP, National Sales, Red FM highlighted “the scope that Indians have in this new economy” & Pankaj Dubey, Country Head, Polaris India commented that “business today is dynamic where change is the only constant.” Arvind Nandan, ED, Cushman & Wakefield pushed the thought provoking idea that B-schools should encourage students to be what they are destined to be as per ability. A number of ideas came up on how B-schools as well as B-school ratings can be improved upon to reflect industry dynamics [The aggregate of ratings given by the 30 panelists will be released in print in the November 25, 2011 B-school Special Issue of B&E.]

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