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Letters to the editor

Issue Date - 08/12/2011
Real shocking expose

I am an avid reader of Business & Economy (B&E), and over the years, B&E has come up with some the most striking truths of the Indian business environment, be it the M&A Special issue, or the Responsible Leadership issue or the Banking Special. The latest issue on lobbying in India was an eye opener against the politics being carried out in the Indian economy. It was a real shocking expose. I could seriously feel the amount of hard work the editorial team must have been doing that has been successful seeking attention of the industry. It manages to maintain a balance between international as well as national business issues. The publication has constantly delivered great content, which facilitates a strategic perspective, hence making it an enlightening reading experience. The supplements that your publication has been coming out with, especially BFM, add tremendous value, making it a complete package. I will definitely look forward to read future issues of Business & Economy magazine. Wish you luck to be able to continue to create value for your readers.

Kamal Sharma

Regional Merchandising Manager Godfrey Phillips India Ltd

Niche magazine

I recently went through your website and found that the publication is not very old. By what I perceive, Business & Economy has been successful in carving a niche for itself. I surfed through the archives and found that issue after issue, cover story themes irrevocably remained world class. The section, which makes the magazine interesting and worth all the time investing in reading the whole issue is ‘Sector issue’. The sector stories in this section present to their readers some of the most unconventional issues related to a particular sector. In the last issue, I found the story on power sector funding issues really interesting and valid. The arguments given coupled with statistics sealed the verdict on the fact that the sector is really in the need of bailout.

Charles L. Owen
Distinguished Professor Emeritus Illinois Institute of Technology


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