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Truth lies further west
Hyundai is fast ramping up the numbers due to its momentum in third world markets. But metamorphosing itself into a premium brand still remains work in progress
While the journey for Hyundai Motor Company started as a unit to assemble cars for Ford Motor Company back in 1967, it was a matter of just few years before its founder Chung Ju-Yung started harbourin....Read More

Unavailability of easy credit makes life tough for Chinese businesses
In order to control inflation, the Chinese government has put a stop to its easy lending ways. This has made matters tough for Chinese entrepreneurs and small businesses. There is another problem for these small companies – wages are shooting through the roof too. Some say that China has gone crazy. Has it?
David Huan had big dreams for his business, a factory in central China that makes picture frames ranging from glossy wood to the gilded and baroque. He wanted to expand production, and add equipment a....Read More

Training its guns overseas for growth
The lack of high-octane brands and intense competition is perhaps holding back Marico’s growth potential on the home turf, but opportunities in international markets beckon.
For a narrow-based FMCG player, Marico does not mind being a “boringly consistent” company. Over the years it has managed to keep a singular focus on its limited brands, which are profitable and susta....Read More

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