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30 Top Ranking Executives from the Corporate World Rank India’s Top 30 B-Schools in a Most Comprehensive & Intellectual Analysis
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Coming to terms with money?
Numerous speculative reports on astronomical placement packages at top B-schools has created a false halo around their MBA degrees. B&E deliberates on why this unhealthy trend needs to be discontinued in the interest of prospective managers as well as the society at large
Iconic actor Charlie Chaplin once talked about how he feared a life when he got used to luxury. In a fast growing and increasingly capitalistic economy like India, there would be many who share that f....Read More

Can they keep the economy out of it?
The alarming trend of increased unemployment among mbas in the us has raised apprehensions in the minds of students. while Indian B-schools are performing better on the back of a robust domestic economy, they must not be complacent
They call it the crisis of higher education in the US. The unemployment scenario in the country post-recession is devastating and some have even begun to question the ‘assumption’ that higher educatio....Read More

The interface syndrome
While the number of consulting assignments undertaken by Indian B-school faculties are astonishingly low, US comes more towards the other end of the SPECTRUM. In fact, both extremes are potentially harmful
What started off as an experiment in modern business history – management education – has now become one of the most significant totem poles supporting the business community. From producing some of t....Read More

Panel members
B&E’s B-School Survey 2011-12 brought in 30 Top Business Executives to one platform. Following is a snapshot profile of each one of them
V. Balakrishnan
Director & CFO Infosys

Balakrishnan fondly remembers being called Nostardamus by senior Bank of America executives; for he actually predicted the 2008 finan....
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“Indian B-schools are now rising”
In a wide ranging conversation with B&E’s Amir Moin, Praveen Kopalle, Professor of Marketing at the Tuck School of Business, talks about reinventing management education and the state of Indian B-Schools
Praveen Kopalle joined the Tuck School of Business in 1996 after a stint in teaching at the University of Arizona. Kopalle’s research has been at the intersection of technology and marketing, particul....Read More

The Next Big League
These B-Schools are swiftly ramping up on their act and improving their stature in the management education ecosystem
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Research Methodology

Methodology - Top 30 B-Schools
First phase:

ICMR prepared an initial list of 275 B-schools in India that have been providing full-time management courses for at least the pa....
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