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30 Top Ranking Executives from the Corporate World Rank India�s Top 30 B-Schools in a Most Comprehensive & Intellectual Analysis ..... Read More...

Business and Economy -  18 August 2011
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ScrutinyStrange case of Naresh Chandra

Many a time, there have been reports of high level bureaucrats working with private companies during their service with the government. Surprisingly, the Government ....Read More...
PolicyOh look how the mighty have fallen

With the Bhawari Devi scandal in Rajasthan brimming over, sexual peccadilloes of Indian politicians are tumbling out of their closets ..... Read More...
SectorWithdrawing AFSPA: Political demagoguery or public opinion?

When Omar Abdullah took oath as the eleventh chief minister of Jammu & Kashmir on January 5, 2009, the people of the state looked up to him as someone who would steer.... Read More...
TestimonialReal shocking expose

I am an avid reader of Business & Economy (B&E), and over the years, B&E has come up with some the most striking truths of the Indian business environment, be it the M&A Special issue, or the Responsible Leadership ....Read More...
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  Editorial - 08/12/2011
Sutanu Guru

Shameless and sham secularism

If there was a ranking of nations, its intellectuals and its media, based on hypocrisy and double standards, I have no doubt whatsoever that India would surely find a place in the top 10, if not the top 5 ....Read More...
  From Editor-in-Chief's Desk
Dr. Arindam Chaudhuri

20 Years of the Last Century’s Greatest Tragedy!

Growing up in a Bengali neighborhood, in Delhi’s C.R.Park, meant even at an early age of ten, there were friends who knew the basic difference between capitalism and communism, and had clear-cut preferences! .... Read More...

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