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M&A The Prefect corporate crime

The pity is, Indians never learn! You’ll get the drift by the time you end the introduction. First, the dirt! The year 2000 was the eve of the glorious new century, and a boon for the Big-6 M&A consulting firms. And why not! For these global consulting proponents, an example like the year 2000 Vodafone-Mannesmann merger was god’s gift multiplied many times over. Read More...

Business and Economy - 21 August 2008
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Scrutiny Policy
ScrutinyMr. Sachs, you had us

To deeply understand (sic!) the quintessential debate over the chicken and egg chronicle (to added effect, another ‘sic!’), perhaps a look at the famed Goldman Sachs’... Read More...
Policy Only handshakes for now

It can be truly hailed as a diplomatic success for Nicholas Sarkozy, for he was able to bring together Mediterranean countries to sit and talk on a common table..Read More...
PoliticsPolitical Ideo’blogy?!

Tony, if you thought the McCain versus Obama war was only about winning the US Presidential election, your return ticket to Mars is ready to be picked up! Read More...
StratagemAfrican safari gone sour

It has the makings of a typical ‘Hindi Masala’ film, where boy (Reliance Communication or RCOM) meets girl (MTN) and they fall in love. Before exchangingRead More...
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  Editorial - 07/08/2008

Professor Arindam Chaudhuri, Renowned Management Guru & Economist, Dean - IIPM
My last editorial for this lovely venture with which I started my media initiatives…

It was a dream to start a business magazine through which we (me personally and our entire group which includes the IIPM think tank) could take to the masses our thoughts honestly and fiercely to the world. When it began three years back it thus was a huge dream come true. With time however the vision changes.
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