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Cover Story
•    What got them here, might get them there!
That we irreverently make a slim play of Marshall Goldsmith’s quote is obvious (we use him inside too), but that we do so to describe a group of intemperately argumentative entities that refused to accept India as a losing proposition, is perhaps slimmer than they would agree with.

•    The godot factor
hyundai did humble the market leader in 1998. but leadership in the passenger car segment is still a far cry for this korean giant

•    " We want to be no. 1”

•    A lesson taught ...and learnt?
from the ceo to the office boy, from the business tycoon to the paan waala, from urban to rural; mobile handsets have travelled a great distance in india, and so has nokia. but thanks to the latest twists in the tale, nokia may need to adapt quite a bit very soon

•     “ We invested before time”

•    “No schemes! No gimmicks!!”
LG finally had it right the third time in india. now it is decisively upping the stakes

•    “No schemes! No gimmicks!!”
LG finally had it right the third time in india. now it is decisively upping the stakes

•    “Honest pricing policy”

•    The ‘welch’ of innovation
Bringing technology to the bedside of patients and ensuring that it fits the pocket size of the poor is bearing fruits for GE Healthcare in India

•    “In india, for india...”

•    A drink in time, saves nine...
“According to the latest data compiled by A C Neilsen. Thums Up, an Indian brand that was sold to Coca-Cola (in 1993), retains the top slot of the most selling carbonated drink in India: AC Nilesen study, April, 2009.”

•    “We refresh our consumers...”

•    Keys to the executive suite
A clear focus on select and premium clients has made ABN AMRO Bank a familiar name among the über-rich in India

•    “We cater to a niche”
In an exclusive conversation with B&E, V. Vasantha Kumar, Senior VP and Head – Marketing & Communications, ABN AMRO Bank, India reveals how they made it…

•    Citius, altius fortius...
when they entered, indian consumers were not ready for them. but reebok began relentless expansion. the strategy has worked...

•    “We started with fewer products”

•    In the lair of adephagia
there was hardly anything ‘fast’ in the manner in which this fast food chain spread its reach in the indian market. but mcdonald’s would still look back at the past 19 years with satisfaction, for indians have accepted them quite well

•    “We’ve maintained steadiness”

•    “Our prices are still low...”

•    Subscriber no. 74,000,001
arun sarin pulled off what some called a seat-of-the-pants strategy, when he entered india as a suspected knee-jerk reaction to vodafone’s japanese exit. b&e does a run-on with current vodafone head of marketing, cmo harit nagpal on the whys and more...

•    What got you there, won’t get you (back) here

•    Eureka! it’s 3m
It’s the ‘Ingenious Technology’ that has been the driving force behind this component supplier’s longevity in India...

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