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Abject apologies to our CEO!
Sutanu Guru
The magical island of Crete is a getaway for those who yearn for a vacation which unfolds slowly and doesn’t have a huge itinerary. Here, time is at your own sweet disposal and this picturesque and naturally preserved island gives you all the time in the world to peacefully read a book or listen to country music away from the busy city life. Ranging from visiting museums, traditional sleepy rural villages, and exotic pine-scented gorges to trekking the mountains in the vicinity, Crete offers a sea of options to its visitors.

The range of activities is wide and unique. Sougia is famous for its gorgeous beach and for the many trekking routes that originate from here. But if monuments and culture fascinate you, then a visit to the great Venetian Castle is a must. The Maritime Museum of Crete is at the east end of the Venetian harbour of Chania, housed in the Firkas Fortress, and is worth a visit simply to experience the times gone by and admire artifacts from a different era. The museum houses models of vessels, wreck finds, documents on the Greek navy, navigational instruments, audiovisual material and a library of maritime books. Regarded as one of the most important museums in Europe, the Heraklion Archaeological Museum is located at the centre of Heraklion city.

The essence of Crete can be experienced in everything, in the air that you breathe or the places you visit here. The simple living and the peaceful way of life speaks volumes about how nature has carefully preserved and nuzzled this wonderland. Crete is known for its music and for its indigenous dance form, the Pentozali. It is an island with significant ancient history, which provides a perfect blend of contemporary as well as traditional vacation to its tourists. The local street markets are full of keepsakes that you’d want to take back home. The classical sites of Gortys and Rethymno acquaint you with tradition and culture. Crete is a mesmerising land where one can recharge all the senses and experience nature at its best. Experiences such as taking a dip in the azure waters, lavishly roaming the lush olive grooves, sitting besides orchids and sipping on old wine and even living on a vineyard are not far-fetched dreams once you set foot in Crete.
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