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Issue 05/03/2009
Noam Chomsky
Sir, just in case you forgot, you are the only President!
Thomas L. Friedman
New Delhi to Chennai: An odyssey to remember
Maureen Dowd
Together we resolve that we’ll agree to disagree...

Tata’s CATCH 65

For analysts looking at the latest quarterly reports and the share prices on the bourses, TCS, Tata Motors and Tata Steel’s are surely counters that will be closely monitored. All three companies will bid adieu to their current CEOs and there is already a lot of gossip, speculation and even cold blooded analysis of who will be the lucky (?) successors (See subsequent stories & columns). Read More...

Business and Economy - 5 March 2009
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Scrutiny Panache
ScrutinyDefence = Offensive economics!

Let’s be honest. Poor George Bush was in reality a socialist. You’ll see our import within the next mile. In early 2005, even when the ‘global war on terror’ in Afghanistan and Pakistan.. Read More...
PanacheIn good hope...

Cape Town is one of the few cities in the world with an array of tourist attractions, rich-cultural heritage, stunning locales, friendly people and a plethora of things to choose from....Read More...
PoliticsOn the hot seat till 2049?

Hugo Chavez can in a way be called the successor of Fidel Castro in Latin America. Much to the dislike of his critics and to the liking of those who have blindly supported him... Read More...
StratagemWhy Buffett loves Harley’s b@#es!

Imagine Warren Buffett riding away on a Harley-Davidson bike... Imagine... Yes, curse our imaginations, for all we care, but actually, the likes of Warren Buffett are taking quite a liking to the mean...Read More...
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  Editorial - 05/03/2009

Sutanu Guru

Get set for the 16th Lok Sabha polls

Most religions thrive on miracles. In India, it is a miracle that Indian democracy itself thrives on miracles; rather perhaps it is a miracle that Indian democracy survives and thrives despite the political system and politicians. As the nation gears up for the Lok Sabha elections, you don’t need to be a pundit to realise that the polity and voters are hopelessly fragmented.
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