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Ban Ki-moon
Windows have been opened; time now for some fresh air... Read More...
Bob Herbert
Where are the American roads to recovery? ...
Puneet Kaura
Time to arm yourself for the business if arms...

“A Budget for Three Idiots”

I think this is the first time I have started a write-up with quotes from famous people. I normally do not do that, because I usually feel so strongly and passionately about issues that I simply start writing and words just flow out in a torrent. But I am making an exception this time. And I have strong reasons for doing so. Let me digress a little before stating them. This will be the 10th consecutive year that I have written and presented an ‘Alternative Budget’. ... Read More...

Business and Economy - 4 March 2010
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Scrutiny Panache
Scrutiny One out of every five!

It is quite normal for elected candidates to bear the burden of expectations. What makes Obama peculiar is the scale and magnitude of expectations that he carries. ... Read More...
PanacheIn the lap of La Digue

Sun-drenched tropical beaches, crystal-clear lagoons, coconut palms and lush tropical vegetation… Welcome to La Digue!Situated in the heart of the Seychelles archipelago,...Read More...
B&E Sector
SectorBig Metal reaches turning point

“Today, the Indian steel sector is at a critical point of its journey. During the current financial year, steel demand has increased by 8%, whereas production has only increased by 3%. ... Read More...
PoliticsCarnival of change

The times they are a-changin' for the Indian National Congress. Come March and the grand old party will witness a huge carnival that, if all goes well, will alter the organisation for good....Read More...
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  Editorial - 04/03/2010

Sutanu Guru
How to Outsource National Interest

It is a marvel – and almost a miracle – that Jihadis took 14 months after 26/11 to strike again at a soft target; this time the German Bakery in Pune. And it can happen only in India! The week before the blast, even as the Jihadis were making their final preparations, virtually the whole of Maharashtra was obsessed with a Shah Rukh Khan movie! And in typically Indian fashion, there is a cacophony of voices arguing about the efficacy of any talks between India and Pakistan. ...
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