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Trends & Prospects in R&D
R&D Invariably Plays an Important role in Addressing The Interwoven challenges of an Economy. Having Endured The Worst Recessionary periods, The Global R&D outlook for 2011 looks Increasingly Stable & Positive. The R&D spend is Anticipated to Increase to almost $1.2 trillion. B&es ReflEction of The Trends and Prospects.
Issue Date - 03/02/2011
European union a concern

The available statistics and forecasts thereof make it amply clear that growth in research and development (R&D) has resumed following the recession induced cuts in advanced economies. The global spending on R&D is anticipated to increase to $1.2 trillion in 2011. Amongst the global research community, the state of R&D in European Union is the most concerning. The EU has failed to reach the 3% by 2010 mark primarily because of the banking failures and the massive support required by Greece, Spain and Ireland. The active environment for collaborations with emerging economies such as China and India hold a lot of promise for the European R&D. Still struggling to recover from the economic downturn R&D investment in Japan and Germany is not keeping pace with Asia.

Globalisation of r & d

The globalisation of R&D is slowly altering the dominance that US has been able to maintain for the last four decades or so. With Asias stake continuing to increase, there is a perceptible shift in the geographic distribution of the investment as emerging economies are now challenging the technological and discovery capabilities of the historic R&D leaders. This positive trend is driven by multiple synergistic factors and the belief that economic expansion can be sustained by continued commitment to R&D investment. Industries, academics and R&D organisations are increasingly establishing their base in Asia and are also supporting substantial R&D facilities in Asia to take advantage of the labour cost differential and the availability of skilled scientists and engineers.


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