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Hire us Please, Pranabda
A Blanket Interest rate Hike will have The Worst Economic Impact in order to Curb Supply-side Inflation. It’s time The Finance Ministry took Micro and Macro Economics Revision Lessons from us
Honest! Perhaps there’s no other leader we appreciate more for energy filled speeches and excitement laden activities than Pranabda. From spunky bridge-building exercises with opposition parties to sp....Read More

Poor and not so Loving It!
Poverty, Unemployment, Recession, deficit and US are Uttered in The Same Breath these days. For Obama, The Present ‘Jobless’ Recovery makes his task tougher than ever – The United States just Reached The Second Highest Poverty level Figure in its own History
One in seven people are poor here. And this trivia is not for countries like ours or even some sub-Saharan nation. We are actually talking about the US of A. According to the latest US census released....Read More

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