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Issue 01/10/2009
Thomas L Friedman
The US was founded as an “infant empire,”...
Noam Chomsky
The US was founded as an “infant empire ... Read More...
Dr. Rodrigue Tremblay
Presently, there is a vacuum in international ...


It was April, 1992 and Bombay was sweaty, humid and heady. The promoter of Sobhagya Advertising, Ravindra Singhvi wasn’t sweating; but he was nervous for sure. This reporter had flown down to Bombay for an exclusive interview with Aditya Birla,... Read More...

Business and Economy - 1 October 2009
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Scrutiny Panache
ScrutinyKirill on a mission

For the uninitiated, ‘Patriarch’ Kirill, the newly elected Patriarch in Russia, is alleged to have been and to still be a KGB agent ... Read More...
Panachetemptation island!

Bali is a land of surprises. This small little wonderland is choc-a-bloc with gifts of nature, culture and heritage for its visitors. For those who are blessed ...Read More...
FinanceRelax! It ain’t a giant wave, not yet!

At least 50,000 retail investors applied for shares when Mahindra Holidays & Resorts came out with its initial public offering (IPO) in June this year, ... Read More...
PolicyBattered Taliban on the retreat

The Taliban in Pakistan are on the retreat. They suffered heavy losses and now reportedly sought support from Afghan Taliban to carry on their...Read More...
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  Editorial - 01/10/2009

Sutanu Guru
Please get real about China

It is very rare for top Indian politicians holding important positions in government to bell the cat when it comes to China.When it comes to dealing with the dragon, the Indian tiger prefers to metamorphose into an ostrich. So what George Fernandes (then Defence Minister) and ...
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