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No one deserves this war
Iranís extensive nuclear installations may invite a major response from Israel; however, war will lead to meaningless destruction and not much headway
Issue Date - 01/03/2012
With Iranís nuclear proposition moving towards a definitive stage, Israel, with its cavalier attitude, is reportedly once again gearing up to strike Iranís nuclear installations. Reports hypothesize that a strike could soon be announced by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu & Defence Minister Ehud Barak, and executed at a lightning speed.

However, on-ground reality is a little different. One of the most important questions is about how Israel would save its civilians in case of retaliation by Iran as Israelís civilian protection exercises are untested. Air strikes on Iranís nuclear set ups might be in vain too, as Iran has scattered these installations throughout its territory. Furthermore, the distance between Iranís mainland and Israelís airbases will force Israeli aircraft to refuel at least once in the air. The case might get further complicated if the aircraft get engaged in aerial battles requiring multiple refuelling. Iran also possesses hundreds of Shahab missiles with war heads and can also enthuse Hezbollah to attack Israel with its arsenal of 50,000 rockets. If that happens, Israel surely will respond by hitting Lebanese targets Ė that can bring Syria too actively into a full scale war in the Middle East.

With US no more backing Israel, and Iran being no pushover unlike Palestinian residents, Israel has to really rethink its obstinate anti-Iran obsession. The main objective of Israelís aggression was to delay Iranís custody of its nuclear arsenal. Former Mossad Chief Meir Dagan opines that they cannot delay it even by 3 months. Thatís because Iranís installations are mostly underground. The worst case scenario would involve Israel nuking Iran. Highly improbable, but not impossible. And if that happens, the retaliatory attack could spell the end of Israel as we know it.



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