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Second time lucky but determined not to lose first spot again
When GM went broke four years ago not many gave it a chance to spring up a fight and come back from financial rehab. Those Cassandras are now eating their words as the former lumbering auto giant strikes back with a vengeance.
A lot has changed for General Motors (GM) since it went adrift in rough seas that threatened to dash its corporate ship against dangerous waves just four years ago. In the summer of 2008, about a year....Read More

“Being unorganised is the industry’s biggest challenge”
After establishing India as a global hub for diamond-cutting, the Gems & Jewellery Export Promotion Council has now turned its focus towards strengthening and expanding the coloured gemstones market in the country. In an interview with B&E’s Pawan Chabra, Rajiv Jain, Chairman of the Gems & Jewellery Export Promotion Council, outlines the problems and prospects for the gemstones trade in India
B&E: The Indian market is already established as an international hub for diamond cutting. But it’s still quite a way off from reaching a similar scale in the coloured gemstones business. What are ....Read More

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