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Do ‘Megatrends’ mean ‘Megabucks’ for DuPont?
Post economic meltdown, Ellen Kullman, CEO – DuPont, has focused the company around innovation through science. The idea is to use DuPont’s formidable research capabilities to meet the needs of diverse growth markets. And that’s where the real challenge lies.
It’s not easy to manage a 210-year-old company – a company that is credited with having invented the modern business model. From an explosives maker to a chemical company, DuPont has reinvented itself....Read More

Awaiting the sunrise
Moser Baer’s bet on solar power gaining traction in the long term is not exactly off the mark. But the company has to tackle environmental challenges as well as its weak financial position
It can never be an easy decision to invest Rs.8 billion in a business, which you have to start from scratch. Seven years back in October, that decision was taken by the board of Moser Baer led by Chai....Read More

“Solar can trade up to 50 GW capacity by 2020”
Alternative energy isn't still the norm not just in India, but around the world. And even when we talk about non-fossil fuels, we end up discussing only nuclear power. But Ratul Puri, the scion of the Moser Baer kingdom, is extremely confident that solar will be a major game changer in the sector.
B&E: Moser Baer has now become the first Indian solar photovoltaic company to install 100 MW of solar power globally. How has the alternative energy business been performing for the company so far....Read More

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